#2getherTeam Award Winners in June


Thank you to everyone who sent in their nominations for the June #2getherTeam Awards. We had 12 nominations and our management board chose three winners. They are:

Bhuwan Gurung, Domestic Team Leader

Bhuwan was nominated for all his help during covid-19 for translating important personal protective equipment (PPE) information into Nepalese. This was to ensure that our front line staff were kept up-to-date on the latest information on how to keep safe during the pandemic. Bhuwan always turned the translations round quickly and they were used across our hospital sites.


Sallyann Edgeway, Customer Support Team Leader

Sally was nominated by one of the doctors living in our accommodations at the Kent and Canterbury site: “She [Sally] was generally really encouraging and supportive. Always ready to listen on how to improve the services. Her contribution during this crisis are a reflection of her priorities as an individual and the importance she placed on doing a good job.”


Paul Brown, Materials Assistant

Paul was nominated for his ongoing support of the Harmonia Village at Dover during a difficult time. He is proactive and a good communicator, the support he has provided has been invaluable.