2getherTeam Awards – Kath’s Update


Message from Kath Dean, Interim Managing Director:

“One of my highlights each month is to meet 2gether colleagues and present the winners of the #2getherTeam Awards. It is always a pleasure meeting 2gether colleagues and hearing about their experiences of working at 2gether. I am inspired by the winners and it is rewarding to be able to give a little gratitude back to them.

“To see the lengths colleagues go to provide excellent services in exceptional circumstances is humbling. Nominations for these awards come not just from 2gether colleagues, but also from EKHUFT staff, patients and visitors.

“Since I started with 2gether in December, we have received 34 nominations, the Management Board and I have awarded a total of 23 awards to 72 recipients. Some of these awards are for individuals for going above and beyond, whereas others are for teams or groups of colleagues that have come together to provide a great experience.”

Please keep nominating those who you think deserve to be recognised with a #2getherTeam Award, you can do this by going to our website and filling in the short form: www.2gethersupportsolutions.org/2gether-awards/ or by emailing 2gether.contact@nhs.net

Full list of recent winners (December 2020 – March 2021):

  • Clive Doel, Paul Lawson and Andy Brown – Technical Solutions at KCH
  • Stuart Hammerton, David Shipman, Lesley Lansbury, John Yore, Paul Moroney, Daniel Dumbarton, Zoe Goldsmith, Chris Capel, Lucy Gurr and Prince Gyami – Safety Team
  • Russell Morley – Logistics at QEQM
  • Tina Hughes – Domestic team at QEQM
  • Kelsey Hargreaves and Gary Bradford-Mathews – Compliance assurance assessors
  • Chieara Cunningham and Dawne England-Strain – Housekeeping at KCH
  • Dan Roche and Luke Cox – Portering (QEQM)
  • Peter Shannon – Transport (RVH)
  • Ian Fellows – Portering (RVH)
  • Linda Smith, Fiona Vine and all members of the Press Section – Nirmala Rai, Nittaya Mould, Sita Rai, Linda Jackson, Lesley Mimms & Kata Molnar – Laundry Team (WHH)
  • Carly Millgate – Procurement
  • Jake West – Procurement
  • Bob Gadd, Colin Comper, Andrew Wakefield Bob Mitchell and Chris Green – Technical Solutions, along with Andy Barrow and Wayne Moore – EME
  • Ray Bradford-Mathews – Facilities Solutions (switchboard and helpdesk)
  • Chris Sherwood, Craig Mills and Joe Lamb – Procurement
  • Jessica Clarke, Charlotte Webb, Declan Stark, Kayleigh Barlow, Katie Long and Linzi York – Talent Team
  • Andy Barrow – EME
  • Martin Rigden and Ashley Gould – EME
  • Krishna Subba – Domestic
  • Jaco Hugo – Portering
  • Julie Cox, Cassie Croft, Aaron Monaghan, Kirsty Fisher, Ewa Olech and Ioanna Gregoriou – Procurement
  • Joe Haylen – Portering
  • Channel Day unit recommissioning team (made up of colleagues from across facilities, procurement and technical solutions): Shaun Campfield, Simon Duggan, Poppy Browne, Sian Hill, Ryan Philpott, Sandra Hutson, Rose Bienkowski, Erin Ohara, Abdul Lawal, Kim Rich, Alis Limbu, Leah Cridland, Carolina Nijboer, Jayden Bouvelle, Gregg Hayman, Stephen Page, Adam Payne and Natalia Domanska

Some of the winners receiving their awards:

Kelsey Hargreaves and Gary Bradford-Mathews, Compliance Assurance Assessors – nominated by Eva Pringle for at short notice pulling together a Facilities Induction pack to support our frontline and agency teams on their first day.


Safety Team – nominated by Trudy Gleeson for their continual support to the Facilities Team during a very difficult time and going above and beyond to support the teams with health and safety matters.



Dawne England-Strain and Chieara Cunningham, Housekeepers at KCH – nominated by a patient for their fab food, interpersonal skills and compassion.


Russell Morley, Logistics Driver – nominated by Peter Shannon, Russell helped a member of the public in the car park with a serious wound. Russell stayed with the gentleman keeping pressure on the wound until help arrived.


Luke Cox and Daniel Roche, Porters at QEQM – nominated by a patient’s daughter for helping when she couldn’t find her father in the hospital. They took time to locate him, wait with her and reassure her.


Talent Team – nominated by Trudy Gleeson for supporting Facilities in the vast amount of recruitment by doing interviews, processing and generally supporting where possible.


Laundry Team – Press Section: Since March 2020 when the virus began, Linda and Fiona have been responsible for the counting and packing of the PPE scrubs, making sure the orders are fulfilled for the 3 main sites.  The Press Section are the team that are tirelessly processing hundreds of these items on a daily basis.