Meet the team – parking


Team: Parking Team

Department:  Facilities

Team Members:

Dean Davidson- Manager

Andrew Levett- Parking attendant

Ray Waldron- Senior Parking attendant

Kathleen Jenkins – Parking attendant

Maureen Friend- Part-time Intercom Operator

Besnik Gerbeti- Part-time Intercom Operator

Melvin Webb- Senior Parking attendant

Nigel Pickford- Part-time Parking attendant

Les Samuels- Part-time Parking attendant

What is the most rewarding thing about working in your area of the organisation? Using site knowledge and discretion to provide parking to all staff and providing guidance to patients and visitors to allow them to park safely.

What is the biggest challenge in your area of work?  Using conflict resolution training to deal with the abuse from staff and visitors.

What would you like people to know about your area of the organisation? As a team we are challenged everyday to try and provide an ever-increasing demand for staff/patients/visitor/blue-badge parking with an ever-decreasing option due to hospital building priority. Just to give you some idea of the demand on the team, below are some recent stats to hopefully allow staff to appreciate how much work the team does:

  • 4,000 staff and around 3,000 patients park at our sites every day
  • Around 2.5m ‘parks’ every year
  • The revenue generated from parking goes back into providing patient care
  • We’ve gone from 95% of visitor parking being paid by cash in 2011 to around just 25% 10 years later with the majority of parking now paid by contactless card
  • The team each do 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day – that’s collectively around 17m steps a year or over 8,000 miles – the same as walking from Canterbury to the Falkland Islands.