Spotlight on – Portering


In this edition of ‘spotlight on’ – meet some of the members of our portering team at William Harvey Hospital as they tell us a bit about their roles at the hospital.

Members of the team:

Dan Reeves – Porter Team Leader

Kim Rich – Dispatch

Simon Duggan – Facilities Manager

Gavin Wood – Portering Manager

What is the most rewarding thing about working in your area of the organisation?

Dan: “Knowing all the jobs we do will help the patients in their recovery.”

Kim: “Ensuring the jobs are completed within a timely manner and our service levels are kept high.”

Simon: “Meeting people from all walks of life and knowing that what we do makes a difference to each person we encounter.”

Gavin: “Seeing the enthusiasm from the team to provide a great service for the patients.”

What is the biggest challenge in your area of work?

Dan: “The biggest challenge is providing the best service as you can as every day is different.”

Kim: “Dealing with a high number of jobs/phone calls throughout the day.”

Simon: “Providing the best service we can as the environment is ever changing and requires constant adapting.”

Gavin: “To always ensure the level of our service is kept to a high standard.”

What would you like people to know about your area of the organisation?

Dan: “We do more than move patients and equipment around the hospital, we are the face of the hospital and represent the NHS with every job that we do.”

Kim: “That everyone always works very hard and to the best of their ability.”

Simon: “The porters are the backbone of the hospital. Ensuring that patients and equipment are where they need to be, when they are needed.”

Gavin: “The porters are involved in every aspect of a patient’s time in hospital, whether it’s taking them for an x-ray, delivering units of blood, or taking samples to pathology.”